“This is to notify you that your position with blah, blah, is being eliminated for business reasons.”

I’m out.  Done.  Gone.  Free.

I smiled and my mind raced as my 2-up droned and mumbled through a legal script before giving me a perfunctory best wishes in future endeavors.  Whatever asshole.  I’m free.  The HR lady started telling me dates and amounts and I listened very hard to her and asked questions about my RSP and if I could really just logout right now…  I think she was a little confused.  Usually these things are sprung upon the blissfully ignorant employee who sits silently in shock, or maybe cries a bit, but, I’d been hoping for, asking for, sending fervent desperate energy bursts into the cosmos in service to willing this very thing to happen.  I was happy.  Tingling and tension releasingly happy.  I remember my first breaths of freedom after hanging up with her and sending a rushed email to my guys before the asshole had my access completely deleted.  I remember my screensaver on the Amazon Screen sitting in front of me was showing a picture I’d taken of the memorial at Culloden Moor.  This time the tiny, outnumbered, broken but still determined Scot won the day.  I got my package.  My life changed for the better in an instant.  Suddenly, I was debt-free with a maxxed RSP and a boat-load of cash.  I had run all the numbers for retirement, but had never really run them with this scenario, so as to not jinx it.  But now I did.  And I was happy.  And ahead.

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